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Need Saab 900 HELP soon

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i have a 89 saab 900 non turbo. the trouble started as i was driving down the road, now i am trying to find out how to fix it. you can only get it to start up by pushing on the gas some, wont start without the gas. if you let off the gas it will stall, or maybe idle for a few seconds rough then stall. i heard of somthing called the aic. i do not know where its located or what it is. the thing between the airbox and throttle body with the plug in which i think is the mass air sensor thing? i dont know what the problem is. it has a new cold start sensor and fuel pressure regulator on it because we thought they were the problems. any help ?
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Does it run normally once underway? If it chugs and bucks and never gets going, could be a fuel pump or bad ignition components (coil, cap, rotor leads etc.)
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