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Need New Gearbox

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"The Whir". It started in second, then my saabtech tells me its time to replace the gearbox. Can anyone 'recommend' a good (quality) supplier? I'd much prefer new as long as its under 2K.

I'm in San Jose, CA if that makes a difference.

Thanks in Advance.

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Yeah, the part is pretty easy to find. Here are a couple of links:

another here:

(recommend avoiding --the site is a joke.)
The part Looks to be about 1,400 USD.

Was just hoping to hear from someone who's done the gearbox replacement and is happy with the supplier they used.

Spoke with a friend of mine in the auto parts biz --he deals mostly in BMW parts. But he recommended these guys:

Appearantly, they sell rebuilt transmission parts that are warrantied and dyno tested. I'll call them tomorrow for a quote.

Happy 4th!!

Went to the website and saw the pics.
Looks like it was a good time. Perhaps next year--with a list of needed parts:lol:
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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