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The title says it all. I have a 92 900 s, which I am trying to put a after market radio in. I've seen faq, and diagrams but nothing seems to match up with whats in my car.

I pull the radio out and have a cage, with 2 connectors and 2 fuses. I then pull the cage out which is hardwired by 3 wires (red yellow and blue) an antenna wire and two connectors (one male, one female). after removing the three primary color wire brace, I find that they are actually looms containing a mass of wires (too many to list). While the male connector (from car side) has red brown green and blue. While the female side has red blue gray brown/white green and black.

If you managed to make it trough all that the question is how do I hook up a aftermarket radio. I have 10 wires that I can work with, I need 11,( 2 per speaker, grd, 12+ and ING). What are the three primary wire looms, can I just hack them off?

that's all for now.
thanks in advance for all help.
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