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I took off my rear wheels to paint my calipers and noticed that my hubs were spinning too freely w/the parking brake set. I did replace my pads a year ago and read up on how to free the hub up to remove the pads. I know where the star bit style cog is in the hub to adjust the brakes, but I'm not clear on whether you adjust up to tighten, down to loosen, or vice-versa. Is it different for driver and pass. side or the same, etc...

I had to hold my wheel after I loosened the lugnuts from ground level to loosen them completely when in the air. Same for tightening them up. When I got the car down, I pushed on the rear end of the car and I have way too much forward/backward movement w/out the parking brake set. It should have a little, but it is really sloppy as of now. I did see a tutorial on this w/pics (WIS?) but I couldn't decipher it when it comes to tightening and loosening, w/p.b. on or off. Thanks for input!
I think when I replaced my rear pads I just played around w/the adjustment at the hub too much, and then forgot how I went about it when I got them installed
and left well enough alone.
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