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Hi everyone.

I was the happy owner of a my04 2t convertible.
Two weeks ago, the roof was leaking oil onto the back seat. then I tried opening it and it spewed a nice stream of oil onto me! at the driver seat.

So I called the nearest saab dealer who referred me to a saab fixem shop which was serviced by Holden (So the saab fixer was stationed and works from a GM shop).

So, I dropped the car off on a thursday and also asked for the peeling roof button to be replaced.

Fri they call:
We need to order the part, maybe monday it'll be ready
Monday, nothing
Tuesday, nothing
Wed I call.
Sorry sir, we are still having dramas with the roof
Thurs, nothing
Fri I call.
Sorry sir, we have replaced the hose but there we are diagnosing another fault with the car, it needs a new switch (a roof sensor of sorts, we've ordered the part, it'll be here mon or tue)
Mon, nothing
Tue, nothing
We got the part, we're installing it, we've tested the roof its ALL OK, we've done the button, its all good. come here thursday
Thursday: I go pick it up and realise:
  1. The part the roof meets the windshield on the RHS has the roof cloth not closing meeting nicely on the windsheild, so i complain
  2. The back seats still has the oil stains !
  3. Theyve scratched the dashboard.
Friday, the fixer guy calls
We've washed the inside.
Ive had a look at the dash, we've ordered the part we'll cal you when its ready so you can bring the car back for us to install it
Ive fixed the roof bit that was bad.
So, I go pick it up, and I find:
  1. The roof corner problem better but still not good-as-new
  2. I try open/close the roof .. and SEE A DROP OF OIL! from where it was leaking again !
  3. Oh! Now i notice an oil stain on the side of the drivers seat, so they didnt clean that ! where the **** is their initiative !
I have some photos i can put but i dont know how :-(

With TWO weeks and TWO days of the car there, NO loan car and just under TWO weeks of new car warranty left... and the fixer guy being a jerk and not fixing things properly what can I do ?

Ive discussed taking it to another dealer, with another dealer; but they say that ... hey if the guys i am at broke it, they have to fix it.

So I'm thinking calling saab australia on monday and *****ing about their recommended fixer!

But what can I ask for?
- other than FIX the damned roof!

Can I ask for some form of compensation? how could i word it best to receive some compensation.

I really would like to screw this fixer guy over and make them lose their little saab badge, cos theyve sucked **** and made my last two weeks a horrible hell, with beautiful sunshine outside and NO CONVERITBLE! to drive.

it wasnt so bad when it was raining, but its been sunny lately and i miss my car!


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I would think any complaint logged within the warranty period would continue to be covered until it was resolved. I would verify this with your dealer and Saab.

You may need someone else to service this if your dealer has problems, which seems to be the case.

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i did call saab australia.
they said, in similar words:

"well there!, boo hoo brown cow, sorry, about the problems on behalf of our franchisee, we have noted your complaint against them however and you we'll talk to another franchisee for them to fix your roof if the first one can't get it right. however any damage caused by the first dealer will not be covered by the second dealer as the first one is responsible for any damage they do" ... as for a loan car, you should have asked ! ...

and im like, its not easy to ask for a loan car when all they say is .. hmm, we think it might be ready tomorrow, we'll call you . every day.

so basically they finally fixed the roof. hoot.
they fixed the "dash cluster" they broke.

but .

in putting in the aux in i ordered when the roof was getting fixed, they took out a panel, halfarsed put it back in .. it fell off, i took it back, they half arsed put it back in .. again !.. it fell off.

they fixed the dash cluster, and now the airvent on the right is wobbly.

aargh geez. i'll wait after the xmas season to go back and them to fix it AGAIN. (because its dealer A's damage, they have to fix it .. :-( and they suck)

at least this time they gave me a courtesy car, a brand new saab sedan 07 with 1000km. even the courtesy car sucked, the windows went up at different speeds, and the key ignition hole was wobbly ...... i think saab build quality is on the decrease man.

not happy with the build quality, even of a new car !

anyway, whatever, i still love my car. esp in summer
now i gotta buy a surfboard and skiis for winter.

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yea mate, english is my second language, spanish being the first, but ive been in oz for like 16 years.

im still a bit drunk from last night :D

xmas party season yaknow ... everyone is drunk,eeeeeeeveryday.

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the foreman that was fixing my car ... got FIRED!
but they still suck, as is evident by the fact that they put the pannel in dodgily ! it was EVIDENT and CLEAR that it was not put in properly and anyone with a drop of pride would have clearly known that it was still wobbly and shonky!

this ****ty dealer is:

Holden at roseberry in sydney in nsw.

i mean. i take my car in to fix a loose panel they made loose, they "fix" it by half arsed tightening a screw or so which i show the guy "window man" its STILL LOOSE! and he's like .. oh .. sorry, next time you bring it in we'll tighten it up.

such a lax attitude is not good, its as if they have no quality control?!

tsk tsk tsk.

has anyone had a ****ty time with holden (gm)/saab at roseberry?
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