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Has anyone run into a dying belt taking out something that caused an oil leak?

Well the mystery noise was found today, a little Thanksgiving gift. On the way home from the family Thanksgiving meal the side idler pulley locked up. It still only made a little noise every once in a while. I had decided to run it until it made enough noise to tell which pulley was going bad. It had no grace period. I was about a mile from home so I came on home taking it very easy.

At home, I was amazed to find the car dripping oil. The car temperature was just starting to get good and warm so no problem there. It looks like from the dipstick that I lost around a half quart of oil.

So where do you think the oil came from?? I do not think it leaked anymore oil when the engine stopped. The belt is gone and I'll have to get a new pulley and belt. A quick check seems to find alternator, water pump, and other parts, etc. all fine. I think a possible place for the oil leak might be the feed or retreive lines for the Turbo.

We have all my wife's family coming tomorrow so the first possible car repair time will be Saturday or next Monday. If anybody thinks you have the answer to this mystery I would love to have parts in hand when I start.

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