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Copied from my craigslist post.

Asking $1500

I have a 2003 Saab Linear 9-3 for sale. Transmission sadly went on it at 120,000 mi. Ran great until that point. This Linear was a top of the line of it's trim. Premium 16" wheels, Automatic Climate Control, Spoiler, Moon Roof, multi-disc cd changer. Had tint put on professionally by Autobahn in Egg Harbor Twp. The exterior has some dings, chips, and some cracked paint. The car was rear ended by a Mercedes Benz which damaged the paint on the rear bumper. (They did $3500 dollars worth of damage to theirs, I think my car won that fight.) Though no damage was done, not even to the foam under the bumper proving that Saabs are truly safe cars. Interior wise usual wear and tear though driver seat is getting hard and cracking but no tears or damage and still SOOOO comfortable, rest of the seats are in great condition. Sadly like most of these saabs, the terrible rubberized paint on the buttons and dash has started rubbing off. I did install the AUX-IN for the center console so you can hook up a ipod to it through the stock stereo. All the electronics work. I maintained the vehicle myself using AMSOIL 5W40 oil and a brand new OEM filter every 5k - 7500 miles. I didn't trust the recommended every 10K. Replaced the SAI Check Valve about 100 mi. ago too. Has a BSR cold air intake which was recently cleaned and re-oiled. (If you plan to repair it, I can include the cleaning kit for you) Recently did plugs too, used NGK Iridiums which were gapped to Saab spec. Vehicle has been lowered 1.5" with H&R springs on Koni Adjustable Yellows. Has a Genuine Saab Strut Brace on top. Brakes were redone not long ago as well. Along with the car I have various parts I can give. I had started collecting them in case of repairs.

Parts I know I have (there maybe more added, no extra charges or anything)
Rear hubs for both sides.
Speedo from an 03 Arc.
Sealed Throttle Body
Extra Driver Side door lock.
Serpentine Belt Tensioner Puller Assembly
Parts alone are worth a couple hundred bucks.

I had all the vehicle recalls done including the transmission fix and it's failure is unrelated to this. I had the transfluid replace at around 80K by Lakeview in Hammonton using OEM Transfluid. Ran and shifted wonderfully until it's recent failure. And the car never did fail me, even with this transmission issue, it still soldiered on until it got me home where it finally gave in. I sadly have no idea why the transmission died. I am not a crazy driver and there is a proper amount of fluid according to the dipstick while the car is warm at idle. Fluid is brown now, but not milky so it's not contamination. Though it's a low pressure turbo, it would still slam you into your seat when you needed the power. Once it's up and running it will make an awesome daily driver (as it was for me) or a SAFE car for the new one in the family. I love Saabs and am purchasing a previous generation 9-3 simply because I love hatchbacks more. Hate to see it become a parts car, but it will make a good one of those too. Feel free to email or call me anytime at 609 829 8471. I can add pictures when I get home.

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