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I recently bought my 3rd Saab, a 2001 Viggen. Since acquiring it in October, its been unsurprisingly temperamental. I've had to replace the radiator, fuel pump, and water pump (I feel like its been parked on the side of the 405 freeway for half the time I've owned it) But its okay cause its my Jet Fighter and wrenching on it brings me great joy. Its been running like a dream for the last month and I've finally been able to start throwing mods on it. But for the latest installment of whats up with the Saab.. I give you this.. The linkage in the transmission ate into my AC line and now I've obviously lost my AC. Has anyone seen this happen? Before I bought it I had the previous owner get the rack replaced since it was leaking. Could they have moved the hard line in a way where it would get caught up when I shift into first gear?



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