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My Saab is making so much smoke.... HELP

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Hello, i own a 1990 9000 Cd turbo, and all of a sudden it started making extreme amounts of smoke when driven under acceleration. I thought it was the turbo, because it was makin a weird noise, and i replaced the turbo. but the problem is still there. could anyone tell me what could cause this? i hope its not headgasket.
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what milage has it got, once its hit 130,000 miles i usually means a new head gasket is on the cards and white smoke is usually the sign of a very bad head gasket failier, and if its that bad dont be alarmed if you still get the smoke (steam really) after you have replaced the H/G as the exhaust usually fills with water and has to exaporate before the steam stops
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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