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My Saab is making so much smoke.... HELP

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Hello, i own a 1990 9000 Cd turbo, and all of a sudden it started making extreme amounts of smoke when driven under acceleration. I thought it was the turbo, because it was makin a weird noise, and i replaced the turbo. but the problem is still there. could anyone tell me what could cause this? i hope its not headgasket.
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White smoke usually means HG is gone I think. Greyish smoke means rings, especially if it smells oily.
Well, a sure sign of HG failure is, open the oil filler cap, in our case, take out the dip stick, and look at the colour of the end, if it's light browny colour instead of dark brown/black, then the HG has gone, cos the engine oil and the coolant have mixed.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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