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My Saab is making so much smoke.... HELP

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Hello, i own a 1990 9000 Cd turbo, and all of a sudden it started making extreme amounts of smoke when driven under acceleration. I thought it was the turbo, because it was makin a weird noise, and i replaced the turbo. but the problem is still there. could anyone tell me what could cause this? i hope its not headgasket.
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Its white smoke, and a lot of it.:cry:
thanks guys, by the way i looked at the smoke again, and its greyish and does smell like oil, and since my turbo was really broken, and leaking oil, i cheked all the intake hoses, and they were full with oil in them. So could it be just the oil and coolant off the intake pipes that is burning off? because i replaced the turbo.
yes i think so too, because, everything is installed now and my turbo is definatley working cause i have lots of boost, way more then before with my broken one,

but now i have another problem, my radiator from my 90' saab was leaking and i replaced the rad from 95' and i found out that the temperature sensor doesnt go into the same spot as it did in the 90' rad, does anyone know where the temperature sensor is in a 95' model?
yep, drove it for more on quiet roads and the clouds of smoke are gone! it was the faulty tURBO and its left overs, that vere causing the problem,

thanks guys!
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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