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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in regards to my 2004 9-3 Linear with the 150w/7 speaker stereo. It is a fantastic car that I love to drive. I am curious about iPod integration - does Saab have any plans for this? As I am sure you are aware, BMWs have such a feature as do many aftermarket head units. However, the 9-3 cannot utilize a new head unit because of the MOSTnet optical bus system the entertainment system utilizes. I know that the 9-3 has Aux-in capabilities but this poses two problems: my 2004 did not come with the jack or cable from the factory (even though it is a feature in the owner’s manual) and even if I do connect an iPod with the Aux-in, it is still not integrated into the vehicle’s system. Aside from volume, everything would have to be adjusted on the iPod itself and the steering wheel controls would be useless. Such a system should utilize a docking station/cradle system to charge the iPod while it integrates fully into the audio system. Steering wheel audio controls would be fully functional to scroll through songs and playlists, as would the normal head unit buttons. Mounting it via the Smart Slot would be a good idea, or along the side of the center console next to the shifter. Saab has slowly made audio upgrades available such as the 300w/13speaker system and XM satellite radio. When can we expect full iPod integration for the 9-3? A technologically advanced vehicle such as the 9-3 deserves better connectivity than a little aux-in jack. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


I sent this via the "Contact Us" section of the website. I recall reading about the letters members sent to Saab during the "Damn Stereo" thread. The answer was the 300w/13 speaker upgrade. Maybe if we all write letters and e-mails we'll have better luck!
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