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before reading: the car in this story is a 1999 Saab 9-3, with a b204l engine

After long study, trail and error I have come to a pretty strong conclusion that my engine is seized, and what the cause of it was

I was driving home one day on a late February night, when my car just all of the sudden stalled, all the electrics still worked, after changing everything faulty electric wise, still didn't work, it turned over, just didn't start.

basic answer: ignition went out.

over time the engine would turn over less and less and couldn't be jump started or push started, it just died in defeat.

after much trail and error the engine seized, the wheels lock up anytime I try to push start it

after taking off my DIC, I took out the spark plugs only to see that they were absolute garbage, they were old and dirty and at least 3 of them were completely failed spark plugs, so that explained why my ignition cut out mid drive, bad spark plugs

now the reason why I think it seized is cause I put in Lucas fuel treatment, it broke free all the gunk but there for sending the gunk into the engine then the ignition went out, so it couldn't burn, then it must have just hardened, seizing the engine up.

is it fixable? it didn't seize while driving, it seized later on so if I were to take it out could I dissemble the crank shaft and rebuild the bottom end (at top while Im at it) and by rebuilding would it be drivable?

if yes: great!

if not: where do I find an engine?

I will put this on both og9-3 forums and this one
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