(More Pix coming soon) FYI These pics I uploaded were from past beginnings and, well Duh!, should’ve cleaned the phone lens. Specs you see are not the specs you’re looking for. They are from the dirty lens. I will come back and update more current pics.

I’m moving overseas and cannot bring her with me :(

I have for sale a well cared for 2003 SAAB 9-3 Convertible Chassis 9400 Series!
I’ve had this in my possession since 2013 and all services since have been performed by J&B Imports in Anaheim Orange County, CA / SAAB Independent in San Diego, CA, and myself for 5/W40 full synthetic oil changes, NAPA Gold or similar oil filters, PFR6H-10 spark plugs only, full bottle of TECHRON fuel additive on occasion, Pentosin CHF-11 PS fluid at times, Bosch fuel filters, etc. you get the picture! All pertinent Paperwork available!

A bit of my Saab story history: upon first purchasing engine was slugged; if you know Saab’s then you know of the PCV update, a bit of that a little later. Still needed a rebuild so J&B took care of the rebuild + water pump, PCV, Brakes etc. believe it or not a poor Saab story: a couple of years after ownership; wouldn’t you know it, she left me stranded on the side of a road and with a quick phone call to J&B found out fuel pump failure. So I took it upon myself to cut a hole under back seat (just filled the tank to full that stranded day and didn’t have any means of dropping the gas tank!) towed it home and replaced it with a Walbro Pump Assembly; took about a week or so to finish with work schedule and such but all was done according to specs and properly (cutting through backseat wasn’t spec sorry) and the rest is history.
Convertible top has seen better days but works, when fully open SID chimes “check soft top”! Purchased with top in its better days condition. It does have its momentary leaks around the seals when it rains and has a couple of holes in the top! Again, that’s how we bought this pretty Saab with soft top issues and the sludge problem!
As for the SID check soft top chime, took it to J&B and figured out a tiny metal tab in the back wasn’t making contact and that little silver tab is very tiny and instead of trying to bend it back to make contact with soft top cage, I just left it alone cause not sure how one can replace and seemed more of a challenge and I’d rather listen to the chime. A couple of years ago, J&B dropped the oil pan and clean as a whistle so my 3K full synthetic changes “are” and “were” well worth it. It’s 2022 and this 9-3 has been driven seldomly just to keep its spirit alive. There are some clear coat issues just above where the soft top meets in the front and some clear coat issues on the trunk. I was really wanting to fix these eye soars and had a local Earls Schwibe quote me $450 for the clear coat and paint during the pandemic which IMO a great deal, but never attempted it. Oh almost forgot: TC module was Re manufactured by BBReman and works great. Removed TC myself, sent it, returned to me and reinstalled it.
So it’s been in dormant with some driving twice a month or so( plus 35 freeway miles round trip , not your typical driving it around the block; that’s not cool for a Saab) and I don’t abuse her.
It’s mid 2022 and SID has been redone,
Original radio works fine, however it’s been sent to http://Saabradio.com recently to fix the radio lights! Has original 6 speakers. AC control was sent to fix lights as well. Windows work flawlessly. Interior lights all work. It’s a Saab and many more great stories ahead.

“Before this Last Saab Story: Recently came across a really really great article at
And if I just had more time I would’ve attempted to figure out the issue with the thump in reverse. I highly recommend, even if you don’t buy my Saab, at least put some time in reading, specially if you have a Saab and or similar trans issues. Although the article is for the AISIN AW 55-50/51 5 speed
Should somewhat correspond to my AISIN AW50 4 speed! But most definitely a great article.

On To The short Saab Story: I bought the poor Saab at around 103K miles and now, at 135 plus, the 4 speed Toyota transmission AISIN AW50 had been misbehaving and wonderful gearing when WOT which is not, I repeat, not very often. So lately she’s decided to sometimes slam when placing in reverse. And occasionally likes to slip into 2nd gear but, for some reason, not often. This is another reason I’m not driving her much til I could find the solenoid pack/ parts to fix her. But unfortunately, I’ve made my peace and she’s reminded me of what could’ve been and genuinely what I’m potentially going to miss and hopeful her spirit lives On…….

A lot of sweat, cuts and some tears for letting her go so that’s why I’m selling at $5k but I’ll add “Or Best Offer!”

(Update 08/05/22) I’ve recently noticed overseas market places (Aliexpress to be exact I think) selling the actual transmission solenoid packs for these Saab transmissions and great prices, just search which Saab transmission you have and match it with the Aliexpress market place. So if I were staying in CONUS, believe me I would buy them and have an indie shop install them and save the transmission; but sadly I have to leave.