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Hi guys,

My '01 Aero is aging somewhat gracefully despite clocking 436'000km. This winter has taken a toll on my baby and the exhaust is in deplorable shape; holes everywhere. Also I am currently operating without a muffler (it gave up last week). A stock muffler is already pricey enough thus I'm considering spending more money on a stainless steel catback system.

I've always wanted to go stage 1 or 2 with my car. Considering this possibility (and the high mileage), what route should I immediately take regarding my non-existent muffler.

Secondly, when I put my foot down (low gear high revs and high gear low revs), I often smell a very strong odour of gasoline. My mechanic was not able to verify this (ie. no fuel/oil leak). Am dumbfounded and concerned.
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