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mp's new site

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mp performance has created a new site, it looks awsome, cant even get into it yet but just the home page looks cool,
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How come there is an Audi badge next to the Saab one? Are they expanding into the Audi sector?
Hmmm, they pushed it back eh? Just like the expected delivery dates for all my orders....
my99saab said:
wow maybe i will just stick to the saab catalog one
Get em while they're hot!!!! I think 8 left? Depending on your body configuration. I'm going to go look up the serial number of mine, so I can be like "limited edittion, number XXX of XXXX"!!!!!
Some of the links are becomming more active everyday. The install and events are up now. So now we just need those product page. here's hoping they have some new toys to advertise on the new site :D
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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