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Got a new job in Seattle, and going to be taking my 2004 9-3 Arc with me from Canada. Wanted to find out if anyone has done this before? What problems have you hit?

The first thing to bug me was that GM charged me $100 to give me a letter that customs requires, it's just a one page letter saying that my car meets US federal safety and emissions standards. Seems a bit steep for a simple letter.

The company will be paying for the shipping etc, but I think I'm going to have to be paying to replace the speedometer since mine only displays Km/h, and from what I hear I can't import it to the US until I change it.

Has anyone had to replace their speedo? How much did it cost?

The other thing I had thought about was trying to get the dealer to just reprogram the tire size such that the results ended up in MPH, ie fool the car into thinking it was going 65 Km/h when really it was going 115 Km/h (65 MPH is around 115 km/h). But from an earlier post this would probably mess up the engine computer and who knows what else.

Would be very very very cool if you could go to the "Customize" menu and when you select US units the speedo would display US units as well as the SID. Too much to hope for.

Anyone got any other ideas? And does anyone with a US speedo want to swap for a Canadian one?
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