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The car is a MY03 Saab 9-3SS Aero 2.0T having already a Hirsch Stage 1 on it.

This morning it was upgraded from Hirsch to Maptun Stage 1.

Few weeks ago Maptun ( had a sale of 20% off only for one week through SaabsUnited blog.
So grabbed the opportunity and ordered it.
The upgrade comes on a small hand held device (called maptuner) which connects to the car's OBDII interface.
So upgrade is easy and it only takes 20 min of time. Maptuner is like the BSR PPC device. You backup the existing software and then upload the new one. The procedure can be reversed at any time.

And here are the first impressions on the differences in driving performance. Since this morning the car was driven for around 45Km.

1) It is like driving a different car. The car now seems far more urgent and the engine is much more responsive from idle and the turbo kicks in much earlier. It resembles, in behavior, a non-turbo (atmospheric) engine of large capacity which can rev easily high.

2) Consumption now is a bit higher. It is probably because the turbo is now always there, even by lightly stepping on the gas pedal. And the turbine now works harder and spinning more often than before. It's like doing overwork and overtime. So I assume the necessary service on the turbine must be done at a much earlier mileage than before.

3) With the Hirsch software, the real "turbo kick" started half way of the gas pedal travel. You could drive the car all day long with the turbo needle not even reaching the middle of the scale. Now the turbo starts from the very-very beginning and the turbo needle passes easily and more often into the 2nd half of the scale making the car more lively and eager.

4) The way the car was driving before (i.e. with Hirsch) resembled more or less a mercedes-style of driving (quiet, smooth, calm, polished, relaxing, turbo only when hard pressed). Now it better resembles an aggressive sports car driving style! The car makes you drive it harder and has a sporty behaviour. By slightly stepping on the gas, the car gets off quickly faster.

5) With the Hirsch upgrade the car felt somehow heavy! Now you can't feel or tell about its weight. The power is already there from the first moment.

And all this with just 95RON in the tank (my tank is already filled with 95RON gasoline). So I have to first spend this gas and then start using 98 RON which is much better for the maptun upgrade.

I have also to mention that Fredrik from Maptun was extremely supportive and very helpful (through telephone contact) during the upgrade procedure.

More impressions to follow after doing some considerable mileage first.
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