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I thought i'd share my recent experiences.

My SAAB Turbo X had failed coilpacks, two of them.

A week after I had 2 coilpacks replaced my battery died and I felt too tired to take the 5 hour round trip again so I just bought one and installed it. Shortly after that the car started rough idling and even stalled once in neutral. Rapid acceleration resulted in horrible knocking, I thought more coilpacks had gone bad for sure.
The problem just kept getting worse.

This was on Saturday, I emailed Chuck at Dave Towell SAAB and he replied within hours with his contact numbers offering to take the car in today, ie Sunday, so I would not miss work. We arranged a meeting and before I left home I took the BSR PPC Stage 1 box and tried to detune the car and to my great surprise it asked me to tune (again?). I loaded the tune and then detuned and the old champ was back, so i went and loaded it again and oh boy! (good thing the OHP and Sherriff were in Church). What had happened is that the battery was already low when I applied the tune before it died and it loaded in a faulty manner, likely a few torque maps short, once I loaded it correctly the problem was gone. Called Chuck and apologized, canceled the trip.

I took the car out on the twisties again tonight and banged her so hard that DSC light came on at least 4 times, still no hesitation whatsoever.

I now remember how IPD, a Volvo tuner even required that a battery charger be connected at the time of the tune, so many things could go wrong if the voltage is low.

Aaaah, ooooh, the joy and exhilaration of bouncing uphill on hillside twisties covered in dirt and gravel in third gear 4500 rpm-ish and listening to the brute and XWD doing their magic, radio off and all windows down :)
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