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My car needed a new lower part of the moonroof. It didnt have any fabric when I bought it and rattled HORRIBLY!!! I dont know the names of the specific parts and I tend to ramble a bit. I hope it helps though.

So removal was pretty easy just opened the roof and removed the 4 torx screws that hold the metal roof to the bottom. then pulled the metal part off straight forward. you then need to remove the 2 nuts in the front on each side. then take off the brackets. Dont forget the white plactic things that keep the roof on track. then in the middle there are these long metal pieces that connect with a springs that also has 2 nuts. there are a few pieces to keep track of. 2 brass or copper spring spaces. and a white plastic piece that goes over the end of the long metal piece. looks like an arm. take those off and move them in the middle. now pull the roof out until you see the back of the roof. there are 2 bolts one each side that hold down a spring with an arm that keeps it lined up in the back. once you remove the bolts on both sides roof should come right out. replacement was a nightmare. never before have I used so much profanity.

Make sure when reinstalling the lower section of the roof that it is centered. I used a screwdriver to center it with two nuts that are mounted to the roof of the car. Make sure when you tighten the back bolts with the springs that you push the bracket in far. if you dont the back of the moonroof will move and will not open or close. I had mad problems with this. Then the arm with the gear that works with the handle inside the car. This can be very difficult, as I had problems wit the passanger side not enguaging. The driver side was perfect. Worked on it for about 3 hours with a small break. then the fronts are pretty easy make sure you reinstall the flat metal spring under the plastic guide that then fits in the bracket. test and adjust as needed. Then comes the fun part. Putting the metal top part of the moon roof back on. open the bottom part about a quarter of the way. and slide the plastic ends on the back of the roof into the back brackets where the spring is. fits right into it. then use a nice screw driver to lightly push the rubber back in. Put the four torx screws back on and your good to go. Mine is so nice now. and smooth dont have to put all my muscle into closing/opening it. And the headliner makes it really quiet. Im am so glad. If anyone is going to try it good luck and be pacient.

I applogize for not knowing the correct terms for the parts and what not. Was not even thinking about writting it up as a walkthrough until I finished it. So I didnt take any pictures. Pics would have helped a bit.
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