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Hey everyone, I have the following bits for sale. PM me if you are interested. Payment would be via PayPal.

All of these came off of my 1995 900 4cyl SET. I'm in the process of building the world's slowest/worst/most awesome track car, so all of these bits were eliminated in the name of weight savings. Everything should be in good working order.

AC Condenser: $10 - slight dent in one of the sides of this one, but it looks like it still holds pressure.
AC Evaporator: $10 - AKA cooler core
AC Receiver-Dryer: $10
ACC Control Module: $20 - I don't know if there are any bulbs out on this, but I know it works.
Balance Shaft Tensioner: $10 - Also includes chain and guides
Dash Speakers: $20 - Factory 3.5" speakers, surround looks good
SE Upgrade Amplifier: $20
Heater Core: $20
OEM Tape Deck, AM/FM Radio: $20 - If you don't have a cassette handy, I just so happen to have one of the greatest albums of all time, on cassette. If you guess what that album is, you can have the tape deck for free. If you only get the band name correct, then I'll give you 10 bucks off. :D
Seat Heater Switches: $10 gets you both driver and passenger switches
Complete Sunroof: $50 - Includes everything except the drainage hoses.

I'm in Denver, CO, so let me know if you want to pick anything up. Other than that, shipping wouldn't be too bad on everything except the sunroof. I cannot even imagine how much it would cost to ship that. :eek:

Thanks everybody
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