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Mini Service, Good and Bad News!

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Just collected my car back from the Garage after getting them check my Temp Gauage (Going up and down, with a Check Engine light on), Oil change and Filter, check my PCV Hoses and a all around check.

My check light was a new temp Sense Fitted. All done.

One of my hoses DID need replaceing it was the one with the check valve plus the Cam Bush. The others were OK, so was gald they check it. Asked about all the problems and there view was as long as the car had all its service done at the right times, it wasn't a issue. Aslo felt that it wasn't that a big problem as the 2.0t engine I have is the same in the 9-3 and that car doesn't have problems:confused: ...

But I Have a nice new Oil Filter and Pure Mobil Oil.

They did say that I had a sight leak on the oil pressure switch, but was OK. Should I be worried however?.:confused:

Also told me that both Rear Shocks were leaking (only done 70k) and quoted me £310+ Vat to replaced both.:eek: .

However they could do the whole roadhoilding kit for £800 all in. Rang around a couple of garages to see what they would charge in Labour and the cheapest I got was £500 AND 2 days off the road.:eek: Maybe its were I live:cry:

So I am going for that, should suit my Stage 1 great so looks like I am on to my next Mod!:lol:

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I agreed, and Had my eye on the kit from Parts for Saab, But out of 3 garages I tryed, 1 refused to do it, 2nd quote £500 and 2 days, and the other £550 all in......

Unless you know of any "other" garages in Surrey.

But my Saab Garage said its a 6 hour job (so your 5 hours sounds right) and they charge £75 a hour. Bl**dy nice work :cry::cry:

But they are thowing in a free loan car :roll:

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Thanks Chris, I think i will.

Hear what you say, that anything over 250BHP and the Aero kit will not keep up.

Still not sure I want to go that far (Stage 3 maybe:confused: ), Although hearing about yours and Finns Car does make me go Green!

You must be well please


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