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Megasquirting to Carlisle

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Is anyone dyno'ing this weekend in carlisle. Fish and I are considering heading to carlisle with his test muled stock spg that's running MS. We've tuned it focusing on driveability for the last year. All seems to be's running twice as nice as stock w/ 20-30mpg and 12.5/1 afr in boost and great driveability in the city.

We've been considering putting together a plug in package if anyone else is interested. That involves a oem ecu box that plugs right into the harness and then just two jumper cables w/ a modified IC-TB pipe. Only the timing would need adjusted, so it would be easily reversed. I've designed adapter/daughterboards and modified the code specific to the C900 LH2.2 and LH2.4 application.

The features are quite nice:
12x12 Fuel map
8x8 AFR map
NB & WB O2 compatibility
Prog Over boost ( get rid of that little vac switch under the dash)
Prog rev limit (Ign and/or fuel)
12x12 Ign map
Knock detection
Intake and Coolant Ign Retard
Accel/Decel Enrichment
Logging (rpm, map, afr, DC, intake temp, clt temp, knock, etc...)

Modified Code for:
A/C Idle compensation
Charcoal ELCD function
2 & 3 pin PWM Idle control

12x12 mapped PWM output for h2o inj (aquamist HSV)
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So, you're talking about a megasquirt set-up inside of an LH ECU box that plugs into the existing LH 2.2 or LH 2.4 wiring harness? Sounds pretty nice to me! Is there a possibility that the EZK ignition can be used with MS? Now the next question is......How much would this plug in package be worth?

Sounds pretty impressive and it's an elegant solution, too.

Does your MS ECU setup work with the original AMM or is there some kind of MAP sensor conversion?


Sounds great, question would be what are the costs.

Is there a direct power gain when plugging this system in.
Another question, on a completly stock engine what other mods have to be done to install your system?
Tadek said:
Does your MS ECU setup work with the original AMM or is there some kind of MAP sensor conversion?

MEgasquirt has an integrated map-sensor on the board. You can ditch the amm :)
Sounds like a good system.

How much would this plug in package be worth?
I'm sure people can find a way of establishing this without posting it in the forums. :nono; ;)
This is awesome :eek:
I you can make it happen, count me in.
Are you using MSI or II ?
How about MS's compatibility, like EDIS? I figure some adapting will be required?
I'd be very interested, how will this proceed?

when are you planning on going to carisle? I am planning on going saturday only and am going to try and meet up with pfblack in route there.

I'll PM you i guess.

looks like someone beat me to it :lol: I just got my Megasqurt box in the mail 2 days ago and started setting up my adaptor plug for my 88 LH 2.2 harness. I don't think I'll be finished in time, but I may be running by carlisle as well- and on Megasqurt! :cheesy: setting up a pretty simple "kit" to install it into an LH 2.2 or 2.4 car I could do for under $500 once the details are all sorted. beat that? :cheesy:
We've been running and tuning for over a year now w/ MS I. It takes a long time to fine tune. We've got it to a very dependable and reliable state. The cold starts and rock solid idle were the hardest to get down. The car runs now more like a modern car. The power even before boost is amazing, with quicker accelerations. It's taken many hours sitting there on cold start conditions and many hours analyzing logs to get where it's at now.

Here are some pictures of proto stuff. the daughterboard was a trial thing w/ more drivers than will be used and the daughterboard will be integrated into the adapter board. Both the MS and adapter/dghtrbd will be encased in the original ecu box. So the box will plug right in! the only thing that will need changed is the IC-TB pipe, a jumper wire from the AMM connector to the intake temp sensor and jumper cable from the ecu that connects inline w/ the distrib.....Easily reversible.

No EZK, setup is for turbo c900's. This is for fuel and ign. The apc knock can easily be connected and the knock can be logged and the ignition can be controlled just as EZK. I haven't fully added that feature yet. I will soon be tuning that now tho! ...actually probably this wknd!

I have plans for adding COP via the DI cassette but it involves more work at the moment. The EZK crank sensor setup has to be added, a custom crank shutter wheel, and custom cam shutter wheel need to be made. It's in the works tho.

for the built ecu w/ adapter/dghtbrd/programming, and wiring setup.. I'm estimating around what Delorean posted. With two programs available one for stock inj on a 3bar fpr, and one w/ 43lb/hr fmo injectors on a 3bar.

The system is like getting a modified ecu/chip, plus SPG9 AID....but fully programmable at your finger tips. I can't even explain what the control has done to driveability. It feels like a more modern car. Plus you can log everything. It's so easy to diagnosis sensor problems, you never have to guess or wonder what the ecu is doing.


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Ubipa, do you have any plans to sell/manufacture?

I think its funny all these Pennsylvanians....never knew moving from Finland that I would end up in such a Saab friendly state...:cheesy::cheesy::cheesy:

one thing that's really nice is that you got it all into the LH 2.2 box, that's a really clean set up right there. An excellent test would be a dyno running an LH system back to back with an MS system on the same car.

I hear it's quite nice having an improvement in MPG, while being able to run #40 injectors - all while maintaining proper AFR's from idle to redline! lets see a stock LH ECU do that :lol: I can't wait till I have mine up and running.
Ubipa, I just noticed that you are in Philadelphia, I am to. we really should get together and compare notes about this
Extremely Interested! I've been looking into aftermarket options since I don't have the time/patients to start my own megasquirt project from scratch, but if someone can supply a near plug-in option with a decent working tune for our c900... awsome :)

I might ask what are the hardware specs for your test mule with 43lb/hr injectors? I have 30lb/hr with an adjustable RRFPR, GT2871R turbo.. it would lean out in the top end if I had an FMIC, the injectors just arn't big enough, and batchfire makes it too hard to not idle/cruise pig rich.

How many PSI can the internal MAP sensor read? Can we bin the AMM?

Again, extremely interested.
How do the base maps cope on cars in which the volumetric effeciency of the engine is substantially different from the test vehicle, ie major differences in intercooler, turbo and inlet system?
The engine we've done the tuning is from a 91 spg. We've tested the garret and mitsu. The only change was the 43lb/hr injectors. It's at a point where the canvas is layed and others can make the portrait. The base maps (fuel and timing) will need minor changes based on volumetric eficiency deviance via IC, turbos. It's very easy tho, it will only effect a small area of the maps.
The hard work is done. Tuning for cold start, idle and acceleration I'll say is where all the work is. Driveability, efficiency, and reliability is what has taken so long and that won't change with most minor mods to the engine (IC's, turbos, exhaust, etc). Cylinderhead porting, cams and bored throttle bodies will have the most effect. But given that you can log all the parameters it will be very easy to figure out where to compensate.

The internal MAP sensor can read to 21psi.
very interested, too!
i had almost ordered MS, but now i'm glad that i've waited.
so, the main questions remains, will this kit be available and if so, when?
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