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Megan springs Installed

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Makes the car more responsive and feels much better. IMO.

Thanks to my buddy bobbe for working on the car. Still sorta in Frankenstein mode right now.
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Car looks great with the new springs! Glad everything worked out and ure happy with the results. Great improvement!

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I'm lovin those fog lights...what did you do for that?
Yellow Laminx + h7 Philips Vision Ultra (Amazing)

sick drop..... I have the same tires and man are they great in the snow.
They were good at first, tread is now gone after 19K, Im getting 70$ back per tire

These are just on the springs? Anything else done?
Yep the drop is springs/stock struts. Konis will come eventually.

Nice! I have Eibach on mine and love it. Are those head light covers of some sort? If so where did you get those?
Yeah its lamin-x Its the light tint (Barely noticable) makes a cool effect sometimes though. I did it to protect them, light output is not noticeably changed.

Sun/shade kinda, doesnt look much different in the sun. My right lowbeam is dying though I have 2 replacement bulbs once spring comes.
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