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Mechanic Installed New Fuel Pump --> 5 New CEL Codes Popped Up. Can anyone identify?

Hey everyone,

Car died suddenly while I was starting it two weeks ago and wouldn't turn over even though it cranked, so I had it towed to a trusted mechanic and he diagnosed a fuel pump failure. He put in a new pump, I drove home, and after driving for ~20 minutes the next day, the check engine light came on.

I took it over to AutoZone to have the codes read, and they gave me the following list:

P0137 -- O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
P1135 -- ?
P1141 -- ?
P0125 -- Insufficient Coolant Temperature for Closed Loop Fuel Control
P1641 -- Diagnostic trouble code VSS, Engine management System

My mechanic also did a NYS inspection on my car after replacing the fuel pump since it was that time of the year, and he noted that the emissions monitors in the ECU had to be started since they were inactive for some reason (which made the car fail the emissions portion of the inspection). He then activated them, drove the car for 30 mins, re-ran the inspection, and the car passed, as expected.

Now, since the CEL had never lit up during my entire ownership period of the car except once a long time ago when I had issues with my DI, I'm hesitant to think that it is a completely separate issue from the fuel pump/ECU monitor activation that was done. In addition, to troubleshoot the issue, the mechanic had to first check if the engine was lighting up the plugs, etc., so maybe he disconnected something engineside by accident?

If anyone can identify what any or all of the codes indicate, and possibly what may be causing them, I'd be very, very appreciative! The mechanic is a somewhat long drive away, and I just shelled out quite a bit for the fuel pump, so I'm trying to hold off on adding some labor-hours to my expense list for the month by doing my homework before I take it down to the mechanic again.

If it matters, my car now (with the CEL lit) runs/feels identical (as far as I can tell) to how it did before and after the pump was replaced.

Thanks so much in advance everyone! :cheesy:

Edit: Filled in some of the OBD-II codes from the Sticky post.
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