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MBC+A issues/questions

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I have been having a couple of issues with the mbc+a set up. I have recently installed the Viggen IC so since then a few things have crept up. Like getting a fuel cut 5 weeks after installing the IC and in warmer weather 34C.
So I started from scratch to set up the mbc+a last night,
1. I closed off the anticipator.
2. Adjusted the mbc until I got fuel cut.
3. Backed off the mbc and did runs with no fuel cut. So ok.
4. Started to open up the anticipator.
5. (anticipator) at 1 3/4 turns the boost was 1/2 way on red and stayed there. At 2 full turns the boost was 1/2 in red but settled back to start of red. At 2 1/4 turns the boost was only to start of red. Q? The optimum setting is the one with the boost staying in 1/2 into the red even at high rpms? If boost drops to start of red, this is not good. Am I correct???
6. On one of the runs with 2 turns I got fuel cut in 2nd & 3rd gear!! wtf?
7. So I backed off the mbc just a hair.
8. Seemed to be fine after and I have been doing this for an hour so I went home.
9. This morning I set the anticipator back to the "1 3/4 turns position" to try and hold more boost. I was not even able to get in the red!!!
10. I then set it back to where it was at 2 turns, and it boosted 1/2 way in the red. What's going on here???
11. Just shaking my head here at work. help!

Any advice on set up. Am I missing something?
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Try doing this while going uphill. It makes things a lot easier.
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