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Hi guys.

I have a question that is bugging me a bit. A number of guys on this forum appears to have significant amounts of HP & NM on their vehicles, some of them auto's.

Don't you find that the auto 'boxes tend to give problems after a bit?

My boss is an ex-Saab technician & technical trainer. After he fitted the B205R ECU to my MY '01 93 2.0l LPT, I asked him how much more could I increase the power output of my car. I was thinking at the stage to cut out both my Cat's and running a straight through.

He told me not to bother, seeing that after the ECU upgrade, my car was pushing out about the maximum that my 'box could handle = 147kw & 280nm:nono; .

Is this fact? :confused:

I don't really want to go and stuff up my 'box ( they go for about $ 4500 here in South Africa.....:eek: )

Any recommendations/replies would be appreciated :cheesy:

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