Hey folks, new owner of ViggenBill's 9-3 Viggen 5D here! Many kudos to him for taking excellent care of a truly rare bird. You would not believe how well it cleaned up. Well, you might from my shopping list here. But as we all know, cars will be cars, and it is 20 years old. (Plus I just added 1100 miles to the odometer smiling the whole way.) And I plan to make this Viggen as close to perfection as possible. Glad to pay shipping or pick up if you're day-trip close (try me, I like driving!)
So to that end, I need parts. Lots of little parts. Here's the shopping list, in some semblance of priority:
  • Passenger side headlight washer nozzle, or the whole arm. But it's only the nozzle that broke.
  • Transmission shifter linkage, very preferably NOS
  • Auto-dimming rear view mirror, with or without compass (I need the full 'kit' including the sub-harness)
  • A NOS or perfect condition driver's side "Viggen" door sill trim piece
  • 5D Driver's side door panel in perfect condition (excluding the handle, that can be trashed)
  • MY99-00 button blanking plates for the MY01 OnStar location. Looking for several.
  • Door speaker sub-harness (the DIN plug one,) 100% OK if the booster side is cut
  • Parking brake sweeps (brushes) if anyone has a NOS set (I just hate making those)
I'm also looking for a COMPLETE set of MY01 factory service manuals. They must be for MY2001. Not the crappy scans on CD. Not the third-party crap that can't tell ohms from milliamps. The genuine hardcopy, blue-cover, grease and oil stained ones that used to sit on a shelf in the back because everybody back then was convinced they were smarter than the engineers and could fix it without having to refer to a flow chart or diagram. (Yeah, no they could not.) I am especially looking for volume 8, the body repair manual. I absolutely have to have that one before I can send the car to the restorer. In the alternative, if there is a separate factory collision manual for I-CAR shops, that would work as well but it has to be the factory manual, with weld and adhesive specifications, for MY2001.