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Many '99 9-3 SE Questions! help?

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Now that I'm in the right forum...

Alright. I've got a '99 9-3 SE hatchback w/ about 98k miles. I am absolutely oblivious to anything that goes on in my car. I just turn it on and drive.:confused:

But, i am VERY obsessive over having everything in my car in working order and it's extremely difficult since I'm 16 and unable to be financially responsible for maintenance and such. I've had the car for almost exactly a year and it's been running wonderfully except for a laundry list of things I'd like to fix (myself, if possible). SO, with that said, here's some stuff you experts can help me out with. :D

1. rattling in the center console (behind the AC unit) when i turn on the car. it goes on until about 15 minutes after the car is turned off. very annoying. it gets WAY louder in cold weather (sub 40 degrees F). Any way to diagnose the problem? I haven't changed the battery since I've had it, if that's relevant.

2. around 45-65 mph (varies), the steering wheel shakes violently. i thought this could be a bent rim but i can't see anything.

*3. I have a rack on the top, against my will. I don't like it and i would LOVE to take it off. From what i can tell from the manual, it should be easy, but they're pretty rusted on after 11 yrs. :cry:

hang in there...almost through.

4. my lights! they keep going out over and over (specifically my left bright light). i know for a fact it's not the bulb since sometimes it comes back on randomly. fuse issue? most likely...
BUT that's not the only one. 90% of the time when i turn on my car, the info display says 'Rear Light Failure' and so i get out, go to the right tail light and tap it til it flicks on. how do i fix this one?

5. why does the heat/AC go on full blast when i turn on my car? just a question.

6. what kind of batteries does the key remote use? mine's out.

diagnoses/solutions/comments/criticism on my naivety GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

-Caleb C.
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