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Manual Transmission Number - Decipher?

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Hello! This 1992 900S convertible is fairly new to me, and I am happily sorting things out! It is clearly a 5 M/T but I learned the VIN says it was 3-A/T per the VIN. YS3AK76E1N7xxxxxx (7 = 2-door Convertible (CV); 6 = 3-speed Automatic; E = Fuel Injection, B212 (2.1 liter 16v)). Here is the number on the manual transmission. Does the "06" mean is was manufactured in 2006, therefore could only have been installed/converted in 2006 or later? I am trying to pin down the age of the transformation, and learn how many miles are possibly on it. thx for any guidance!

G 457 06

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