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Hus_sho thanks for all your help! I'll let you know how things go after the ECU fix this coming week. One more thing before I do, though - below are the other things that don't work on this loveable lemon of a car... can you see any common cause that might be related to the injector failure (Or related to a different global problem)?
  • No windows work, except passenger front window with controls on that door, and driver’s door controls will open driver’s side rear window
  • Sunroof works intermittently
  • Cruise control does not work
  • Gas gauge does not work
  • Driver’s side seat heat does not work
  • Message tells me left front signal light is not working, when in fact it is
  • When I unplug the battery, it sometimes does not recognize the key for a half dozen tries afterward, giving me the steering wheel lock message
  • The heater works intermittently (a recent problem)
  • The wiper rain sensor just failed
  • It has always had a stutter on hard acceleration at low RPM. This is made better by using premium gas.
  • The remote entry key does not work (have not tried changing the key battery)
Thanks again for your help!
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