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My 99 is currently parked up outside my house waiting repair. We have no drive so rely upon the joys of 'on street' parking.

I had a day off work yesterday and was woken by a loud bang from outside. To cut a long story short a woman driving down our road had passed out in the heat and managed to clip a Fiesta parked just up the road and her car had spun around parking itself neatly in the side of a brand new Audi A4 parked behind mine!

The Audi looked very ill, it had both its kerbside wheels pushed up onto the pavement bursting both the tyres and the roadside was a mess with huge dents all down the side! Me thinks if that had been mine it would have been no more, as the damage would have probably been too much for repair.

The amazing thing was the Peugot 306 that hit both cars only suffered a broken headlight and radiator, though there was some oil coming out as well, but no other injuries to the bodywork! Amazing those french cars!

Pity it didn't have air con though, may have saved the day for the Audi!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts