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Lower motor mounts (2 part question)

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Next weekend I am doing my mounts since they are shot to **** and at this point and I can actually afford address this.

Question 1:
I don't want to go OEM (unless I have to) since they are overly pricey so does anyone know of good aftermarked hydro. mounts as well as a on-line place which sells them?

Question 2:
Quasi's site states that the subframe has to be loosened to get the new front mount in and this is the only part of the whole project which worries me. I am sure that plenty of you guys have done this so does this really have to be done that way or is there a way around it?

Thanks in advance


Are there any other pitfalls with this project?
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Basre said:
The ones are 'Fine' just buy 'em
I just might do that, do you run them and if so how long have they been in?

The front subframe dosen't loosen on that side.. But you will have to jack the engine up a couple or more inches.. allow for that by removing the upper dogbone mounts as your first step.
That is good news. So you got your's in like this and the new ones fit? Quasi says that the new ones won't go in even if you have your motor jacked and in his pics, does have his sub frame loosened. Like I said in my previous post, I don't want to do that.

KevinC said:
Using alternative Scantec or Coretec parts is fine, likely the same as Saab except perhaps paint and price. You might zip-tie some hose in the gap to limit movement, perhaps give yourself longer life for new mounts.

Examine the gearbox mount as well. Agree with Basre on procedure.
I am having a bit of a hard time finding the Scantec and Coretec parts around here, but yeah it's good stuff. Instead of the ziptie, I am going to go with Quasi's bolt idea for the mount life extention.

The gearbox mount is getting replaced as well since it is in sorry shape. I am getting the powerflex yellow polly one to replace it.

Did I mention that it is going to be a long weekend. :confused:
KevinC said:
DO NOT buy the eEuroparts black poly uppers. My Aero ate them both in less than 400 miles, they came apart on normal road use!!!
Mine have been in for over 10K and I've had no problems so far.

On a brighter note, I picked up my MTC mounts today from FCP of Groton (10 minute drive for me :)) and am expecting my Powerflex Tranny mount, a shifter coupler and an OEM oil filter (why not, since the shipping was free) tomorrow.

Looks like I've got a buisy weekend ahead of me guys, wish me luck. I will take lots of pictures in case anyone wants to see what the guts look like.


All done :)

I didn't bother with pictures since the ( writeup is brilliant and pretty much all that anyone will need.

Turns out that my hyrdo mouts (yes the ones that have traveled almost 150K!) are in perfect shape without any splits and are holding together perfectly. My tranny one was beat and in its place is a Powerflex Polly. The difference is incredible. I recomed it to anyone who has a 9000 5-speed.

Still, although the first and second gear change is super smooth and the motor doesn't recoil like it did, the 5th gear still sucks :(. It is a bit hard to find at times (when the engine speed is 2000-3200 rpm).

The coupler is good (I just checked it) so any thoughts guys?
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