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Hi Hunts.

The Rad arm can be removed as you say. I reckon it easier to remove the arm and do the job. Ball joints are easy especially the hub ones. All you do is remove the droplink and then undo the ball joint nut and give its hub mounting point a few good accurate cracks with a lump hammer and the press it down with a long bar it will just pop immediatley. I've done hundreds of em over the years. Try not to split the rubber boot :lol: . If you do you can get a boot kit from your dealer. Part No. 8993867.

The bushings you are on about are Hydraulic, ie they are full of oil. They look very stiff not alot of rubber to move around but the truth is they are very soft and allow alot of movement.

See here for a handy how to.

The removal of the bushings is about half way down. It is done with a simple three claw gear puller and a large heavy washer.

Good luck.

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