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I had an issue with no low speed and one fan not working on my 2002 9-5 Aero. Pulled the low speed relay and saw that it had been arcing. The relay was discolored and looked like it was the culprit. When I put in the new relay it was only working intermittently.

It turns out there was a loose connection in the wiring loom, where one of the wires was slipping down inside the plastic panel that holds all the relays.

To access, you have to take out the battery and unbolt the metal frame that holds the relay box. The plastic was brittle, so I had to carefully work the 4 clips holding the wire panel away from the plastic box while pushing up gently on the main wiring loom.

Once I got the panel out there was a mess of wires but the one I needed to push back in was on the outside so it wasn't too much of a hassle. The wire connector had some tiny barbs on it that hold it in place once it's pushed up into the panel. I had to respread those to get it to stay in.

Refitting that wire and making sure that it seated completely on the relay solved the problem! Low speed and both fans work great now.
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