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Hey Everyone,

So my wife and I decided to move houses here in Chicago and therefore needed a new "run around" car for me to get to the train station for work. My father in law owns an Autobody shop in Toldeo, Ohio and came a 2001 9-3 SE. The previous owner crashed it and decided that he didn't want it anymore and therefore sold it to my father in law. After fixing it up, he contacted me and offered to sell me this Saab for 1000 bucks. At the time I knew a little about Saabs but not a whole lot. Considering I only had to pay 1000 bucks for it, I thought this would be an awesome "run around" car.

The funny thing is though, the moment I started pursuing further research into Saabs with regards to their design, origin, specs, style and looking at photos, I already knew I was going to fall in love with this car, regardless of how much I paid for it. After driving it for the first time to test it out, this was no longer a "run around" car to me but a project and a hobby I want to pursue and enjoy ;ol;. A friend of mine who lives in Sweden tells me that the translation for Lightening or "The Flash is "Blixten". So that's What I decided to name my new Saab.


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