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Lost power on maiden voyage!

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Collected my 'new' '93 9000 2.3T from the dealer today. We drove it for a few hours without a problem. Coming to an intersection it lost power for a second, then lost it completely but kept idling at 1000rpm. I pulled over and tried changing gears, etc but still no power. Turned off the engine and tried to start it luck. Called for roadside assistance and waited for 45 minutes for him to arrive. When he asked me to turn it over, away it went as normal! Now I've lost faith in taking it any distance and fear the dealer won't be able to find such an intermittent fault. Does this sound like a DI cassette problem?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Good News

The dealer just sent his mechanic over to my house to check it over. Changed the cassette and still nothing. Fuel gauge was reading 20 litres but he suspected it was empty. We put in 3 litres and away it went. Dealer has agreed to look it over in his workshop and find the problem with the sender unit.

:D Happy again!

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