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lost my only key

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I recently lost my one and only key to my Saab 9-5. I know I need to have something replaced...the ignition switch module I believe? And the key has to be calibrated or something to the computer in the car? Basically, I want to know if I can get a used whatever it is I need, and then have my step-dad replace whatever needs to be replaced at home. He knows enough about cars to get the job done. The lowest quote I've gotten from a shop that can do it is $650, which is money I just don't have...can someone please tell me what parts I would need to purchase in order get this whole situation fixed? And if it is even possible to do it at home? Or maybe there is a simpler way? Please help!
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Bad news is no. You would need a tech II and now that you lost your only key you need a new TWICE. It will not be all that cheap no matter what you do.
What is a Tech II? There isn't a way of taking the ignition out and replacing it with one that already or still has a key calibrated to it or whatever?
What is a Tech II? There isn't a way of taking the ignition out and replacing it with one that already or still has a key calibrated to it or whatever?
A Tech 2 is the multi-thousand $$ tool GM techs use to diagnose problems and talk to the electronics. Many large reputable Saab shops have one, as well as all GM dealerships (I think). It uses proprietary software to interface with the electronics, theres no affordable equivalent for the average Saab owner. Looks like this:

If you lose all teh keys, theres no way to recover the encrypted codes from the TWICE module and as a result, you need to buy a new "virgin" TWICE module and new "virgin" keys and get them all married with a Tech 2 tool.

I don't think theres any way around it. Its quite costly. If you had a spare key, you could get it cloned, but since you lost your last key, theres no recovery, you need to buy new stuff all around.
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Best bet would be a used Twice with its' key and ignition cylinder. You could get a key cut to operate the door locks from the dealer based on the VIN, but you could get lucky and get everything (all locks) off of one car. But the twice will still need to be married to the car via Tech II. Several people on here have had to do this. Try Ebay or a local wrecker.
You could get another TWICE (computer under the seat) with a key/keys with remote and cylinder. Install the cylinder you; should be able to start the car by pressing the remote while turning the key; the only thing is you will have to do his every time you start the car. Then when you have some extra cash; you can program the replacement TWICE and key/keys to your car. If you sent it out to have it done it would cost about what the your shop will charge; a dealer would charge over $2500.
You can calm down a bit as its not quite as bad as it first seems.

Yes you will need another TWICE unit together with at least one key for that unit. The TWICE sits under one of the front seats and controls the immobaliser. Your own TWICE will now not work and you cannot program a new key to your unit unless you already have a working key.

There is a service in the States where you can send them your TWICE unit and they will programm new keys to your unit which you then re-fit to your car and away you go! But its as expensive as you've already been quoted so may not be an option.

The cheapest route is to buy a used TWICE with at least one key, check ebay and local breakers. Also get a new key cut to your locks by giving a dealer your VIN number.

Then install the new TWICE under the seat, very easy to do.

The car will not work. You have to have it programmed with a Tech2, its a simple job but only a dealer or Saab Indie will have one. Unless they do house calls you wil need to get the car to them.

When they program it get them to program the new key and the key supplied with the used TWICE, that will mean that you will have one working key that will operate the locks, otherwise you will have to change the locks (that is expensive). The other key will not operate the locks but it will operate the immobaliser. If you can afford it get two new keys cut so you have a fully working spare.

Its a lot of hassle but there's no other way to do it.

P.s If your car is currently locked you will need a new cut key from a dealer anyway to open it, it will open it but won't start it.
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simplest solution is to pray that your lost key turns up!
I'm so worried about this. Has anyone found any keys for sale? I tried buying the knockoff Chinese keys on ebay but the remotes were useless.
Thanks so much for all the advise! This helps :)
Thanks so much for all the advise! This helps :)
LEP as in Peters, fine last name!
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