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Hello Everyone,

I am looking into purchasing a used Saab from a private party. Its a 2005 9-3 linear sedan w/ 96,000 K on it. The car looks like its in perfect condition and seems like he kept up with the maintanence. I've always like Saabs, but don't know much about them. So I had a few question from you Saab owners. He is asking 7500, but i think I could possibly talk him down to 6800:

1) Is this a good deal?

2) Is it hard to find a repair shop that works on Saabs?

3) Is it a very expensive car to maintain in comparison to a ford, nissan, or other common brands? Can you give me avg costs to replace brakes and oil?

4) Is it a difficult engine to work on yourself, in comparison to other common cars?

-I'd appreciate any help with this. The car is beautiful and seems like a lot of fun to own, but I'm also a family man and don't want to buy a money pit.
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