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Hey folks

I think I found a problem that is out of my league. My top is leaking from the sides, and the front. The water is traveling down the rails, and dumping into my back seat. I also noticed my door is slightly mal-adjusted, and the window doesn't line up.

While I can do the door, and window, it begs the question of why all 3 of them are off. I also know I can't do the top. Replacing the tops seem to be a PITA from all I have read and seen.

I am looking for a dealer or mechanic, or shop that has a good rep with working with Saab's and is not going to stick it ..... when I get a quote for the work.

I am in Bristol, PA (Which is close to Philadelphia, and Trenton, NJ) and not so much worried about the travel as to get a guy who knows his stuff and will take care of my Saab for me.

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