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Hey everyone! This is my first post... I'm looking at getting my second car, actually. Just turned 17 and I really need a change from my current daily driver, a 1979 Lincoln Town Coupe. I love it to death but 7mpg adds up after a while, as does the quart of oil needed with every fill-up.

Naturally, when I began looking at cars, I looked at Saabs. My dad has owned a few: 1983 900, 1992 900 turbo convertible, and his current 2006 9-3 Aero convertible. He's always loved them and I would love them too -- if I was allowed to touch his Saab. :roll:

Anyway, I've been out to look at an '03 Aero in pretty nice shape. IIRC, it has 119k, and the interior, exterior, and engine look and perform pretty much like new. (It even has paddle shifters which I didn't even know were available on this model.) My only concern is the rusty lug nuts and brake rotors where the pads don't contact them.

The undercarriage is rust-free, so that's good. Carfax says this car is originally from New Jersey and came to NC in 2008, so I guess this is just from salt. Should I run away from the car or is it not really a big deal?

Thanks everyone!
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