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There' a quick test to see IF yr controller OR your Drivers Door switch is the Cause. In front of the Drivers Door Jam there is a 3 prong connector... unpplug it and try grounding either of the two oter wires to either the black (ground) or to the car metal.. IF.. it makes the locks work then it's the Lock switch.
The central controller CAN be burned out ..and v often trying the locks quickly and in rapid succession.. there is a built in 1 sec delay ..the electronic timer gizmo dies when thusly abused.
Also try the Driver's door lock and listen carefully for a faint double click from the controller.. it's under the Glovebox. Likely IF it's audibly cycling.. the problem is in the Actuator (s).
Frustrating repairs.. but hey! You gotta Love these cars :)
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