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Or something to that effect.


New plant in Coahuila will have GM Forecastle, Coah. -

The announcement made yesterday in Arizpe Branches(Ramos Arizpe) by governor Humberto Moreira Valdés of which the Southeastern Region of Coahuila waits for the arrival of a "megainversión"(megainvestment), agreed with a report published in Germany by the magazine "Motor Car Sport Und", informing that GM would count on a new plant in Arizpe Branches(Ramos Arizpe) for 2010.

By: Jesus Jiménez/ Édgar González 12-Octubre-2007 Tags related: Jesus Jiménez, Édgar González votes: | Existen 0 votes Shipbuilding GM Photo: File

In its declaration, the state Agent chief executive assured that it is a project which it would surpass to the investments of Freightliner, Modelo and Technocast, that would generate 3 thousand new direct uses and around 8 thousand indirect ones, discarded is Toyota, but did not want to reveal the name; it assured that 95 percents of probabilities existed of making specific the investment. The report of the Germanic publication indicates that the new plant would be located within the same local complex, where General Motors would produce the light vehicle Opel Astra Sedan, a medium vehicle of which 30 thousand units per year would be assembled, "which would suppose a strong investment and that he would be next to announce by Kevin Williams, president of GM in Mexico".

Indeed Wednesday, and as it documented Vanguard to it in his edition of yesterday, Kevin Williams and Moreira governor Wednesday in Palace of Government met, encounter of which details to the public opinion were not revealed, but in which it would be possible to have been spoken of the project.

Only yesterday, three hours before the announcement of governor Moreira, the Secretary General of the CTM in Coahuila, Tereso Medina the Ramirez, it had declared to Vanguard who came "the new and good news for GM", and very textually said: "I do not have the authorized voice to do it, but I can say to them that there will be the new and good news, and that it is going them to give that them must announce".

Also they were yesterday in Arizpe Branches(Ramos Arizpe) some of the main executives of General Motors in the United States, that made a visit of supervision by the Complex Arizpe Branches, specially by the extensions and the new facilities that have been constructed there. The Germanic magazine also describes the Project Saturn Vue 2008, of which Arizpe Branches(Ramos Arizpe) will produce 50 thousand 400 units per year, as this means have documented it, and in addition confirms the projects "166" and "168", corresponding to Cadillac VR-X and of the SAAB 9-4 Xs, that soon will begin to assemble the local complex.

The report also assures that "Mexico is one of the most attractive countries to the investment of the automotive industry", emphasizing its geographic location and its low labor costs. Other reports of the same industry, indicate that Mexico is one of the eight emergent markets where the 60 percent of the growth of the automotive global demand between 2010 and 2020 will be concentrated almost. The other countries are: China, India, Thailand, Korea South del, Russia, Poland and Brazil.
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