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LED bulbs for switches etc in the dash and elsewhere

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A very long time ago now I got right into replacing all manner of interior lights with LED's, but the rectangular block switches (at least the newer style ones with small pins instead of the older style ones with big pins) don't have a removable bulb holder.

Are they already made with LED illumination? Can the front faceplate be unclipped to get access to a bulb holder?

I recall using really tiny wedge lamps (286T or t5 or something like that) that I sourced from Ultraleds back when that company was really new. I think the headlight switch has a removable bulb holder and some of the other lights in the dash are fairly easy to access with the fascia off or at least moved out of the dash proper.

Why I started wondered is I need to replace the recirc switch as the one in the car I'm fixing up has lost it's detent spring-lock action. Looking at it and the spare (they're Saab p/n 95 23 846) there's no back access to the internal lamp.

Does anyone have any solutions?

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One big problem with all the aftermarket T10 LED lamps I've tried is that all have the lamp wires folding over to be present on both sides of the base, which makes them short out the lamp holder contacts! Not good.
Great info, thanks Craig!
I had this problem when I tried to change main dashbord bulbs with leds - holy smoke appeared - so I removed them and since then I am in the dark… (can’t source 3w bulbs and didn’t want to put 5w)

Will cut bulb legs and try again, hopefully I didn’t burn anything (important)…

edit: just realized that this thread is few years old… did it work (cutting bulb legs) for you?
I’ve looked at bulb holders again and can’t see how cutting bulb wire would help… Good is that this thread reminded me to look and
(I did) find some good old 3w filament bulbs…
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