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The top cylinders had been leaking for years but there was starting to be a puddle on the passenger side, time to put some new ones in. Not a bad job, I had to pick up replacement brass bushings at the hardware store and cut them down to size.
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Old cylinders, plastic shells
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Was pretty easy to remove the old cylinders once the rear panels were off.
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New all aluminum cylinders, all the brass fittings transferred over. I suggest doing one at a time so you can look at the
other side for where fittings and lines go.
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Brass sleeves that were cut down, the old ones were worn and cracked.
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New cylinders in and no more groaning as the top goes up and down. They bled the air out with a few up and down cycles. The air burped out, kind of a messy job, rags and paper towels are a must.
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