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I have a SAAB 95 Aero (latest model).

The cooling system is leaking and I have noticed that it is leaking from behind the engine below the throttle body. It seems like a black plastic interconnector that connects several larger and smaller hoses is broken and is leaking. It also seems to be hanging a bit loose-is that normal?

How can I replace this part and is it an easy Do It Your Self work?
It is very difficult to reach down there, and can someone tell me what I need to disconnect to be able to do some work on it? Shall I remove the Throttle body or can I just take away some of the electrical cable that are in the way?
What is the name of this plastic part?
Do I have to replace the hoses at the same time as well or can I keep the old ones?

I have Haynes SAAB 95 book but it very little information about this topic in the book and no pictures....

Many thanks for some coaching on this!

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