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Selling this on here on my dad's behalf:
Saab 9000 '97 (R) in metallic black, could be yours for £750 (start price of ebay auction and not long to go, look for the pic if you search saab 9000, plenty more pics :))

2.3 litre, plenty of power and torque, automatic gearbox working as it should, silky smooth, fluid a nice cherry red.

Sensible miles on the clock, 142k is very little for these. This is my 4th 9000, one of which had done over 300,000 miles, and this one can too.

Full leather interior, including centre arm rest, no rips or tears

Always garaged whilst I've owned it, regularly serviced with no expense spared, in the last few months it's had oil & filter, air filter, spark plugs, rear brake pads, new radiator and rear anti-roll bar bushes for the MoT.

Very clean and straight, not messed with, a testament to the original engineering that Saab put into their cars.

The only changes to spec are the torque arm bushes, now poly as they're a lot easier to put in and don't need replacing. Other change is the atmospheric dump valve, a Forge high quality item, the original diaphragm item split but we now have a spare if the buyer wishes to leave this and have the plastic one instead.

Fresh MoT a few weeks ago, the only thing being the roll bar bushes, everything else was spot on, and the tester was extremely complimentary towards it, the phrase was "it's built like a tank under here".

The original Saab stereo is available.

I will be very sad to see this go, the only reason for sale being that I needed something a little bigger (hence the V70 estate in the background of the pictures), the first picture looks slightly strange but the bonnet is fine, this is a reflection of clouds.

Feel free to call Rob on 07837667730 1pm-10pm.
cheers, Dan.


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