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Large Split (Cotter) Pins

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I am trying to track down some large split pins to hold the pads into the front brake calipers. The problem is that I require pins around 100mm long and everywhere that I have looked only seems to stock lengths up to around 50-60mm.

Does anyone know of any suppliers which sell the longer lengths.
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These are for the Princess calipers fitted to the T16S. I cannot use a standard fitting kit as the calipers have been split and spaced to fit over the 30mm thick vented disks fitted to the car. Unfortunately when removing the pads I had to cut the split pins on one side.
A friend of mine is into Range Rovers (he is building a Dakar at the moment) and will check the size of the pins that are used on his front calipers.
I would be looking for steel pins. Just measured the pins which are in the other caliper and they appear to be around 5mm in diameter. Not the most exact measurement as they aren't exactly true.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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