I've got three XP laptops and it's just silly. This one drew the short straw.

It's been my primary Tech 2 machine since 2016 - it's quite small, which is nice.

It's an HP Elitebook 2730P... some specs:

1. Centrino Core2Duo CPU
2. 3gb RAM
3. 12" screen
4. 32gb SSD
5. Included "docking station" that has a boatload of USB ports

The highlight is that this is a tablet, so you can flip the screen around use the stylus like a touchscreen. Kinda nifty with tech2win etc.

It does NOT:

1. Have a physical serial port. I've been using the standard Keyspan USB->serial adapter flawlessly
2. Have a PCMCIA slot. I have used tech2cardwriter in the rare instance I need to "make" a PCMCIA card
3. Have a properly working display catch, so either you use a credit card to unhook the display when closed, or don't close it. :p
4. Have a new battery. If it works at all, I wouldn't trust it.

It is in nice shape, but the rubberized coating on the bottom is oddly sticky from age. If you've driven a 1999 Audi, you know what I mean. With a whole 3gb of RAM and a SSD, it's quite fast. I do like this machine, but I don't need three.

It's fully configured with globaltis & tis2000 and all that jazz. There is NOTHING but factory drivers, Windows XP, and Saab stuff. It was reinstalled from scratch and nothing else ever used.

Buy a Keyspan adapter and it's ready to go.

$75 shipped to you in CONUS.