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Hi Guys,

I have read alot recently on this site about the knocking sound coming from the front suspension but havn't read a great deal about actually fixing the problem. I have just come back from a weekend away (long weekend in OZ :p ) and was travelling on the highway doing 110kph or so and the car developed a knocking sound from the front suspension. It kinda sounded like a chicken clucking constantly (it was not steady - which in effect ruled out something on the tyres). My car is in for warranty repairs today for:

- The above suspension noise.
- Noisy whistle when sunroof in closed position.
- SID display.
- Jerky Transmission.

Hopefully they can fix all of the problems. Apart from this the car has been fine.

I have an 05 model Arc which replaced my 04 model Arc which was a lemon that I was lucky enough to have SAAB buy back off me early this year.

Any information on the knocking sound would be appreciated.



PS Not all that sure on how to do a search for topics in previous threads.

Ta! ;)
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